• Automotive Parts Assembly
  • Retail Display Assembly
  • Product Assembly
  • Collating (Brochures, Flyers, Catalogs, etc.)

Quality Inspection

  • Quality Parts Inspections
  • Quality Sorts


  • Shrink Bundling
  • Parts Kitting
  • Parts Packaging/Repacking


  • Short & Long-term Storage
  • Trucking Services

Hillcroft Industries’ staff systematically trains its employees to perform to strict standards to produce consistent, quality results that customers expect and deserve.  Hillcroft Industries also builds quality into its products and services that yield first-time quality results with faster response times.

Quality Inspection
For some companies, cost of poor quality can easily exceed 25% of gross sales! While most companies wisely focus on prevention and appraisal costs, quality spills still occur. When this happens, Hillcroft stands ready to assist you during the containment and inspection processes. For decades, Hillcroft Industries has successfully performed quality inspection and gauging services for its customers that have helped mitigate failure costs. Give Hillcroft Industries a call today for your quality inspection and sorting needs and watch your boss’s frown transform into a smile.

Whether your needs are simple, complex, small, or large, Hillcroft Industries stands ready to successfully manage your packaging project from beginning to end. With decades of expertise, Hillcroft’s integrated workforce is experienced in a multitude of packaging projects with outstanding, on-time delivery results. Hillcroft has successfully managed packaging projects such as kitting, kitting repair, retail display assembly, glass packaging, and automotive packaging—just to name few. Call today for a quote, and let Hillcroft manage your packaging needs and give you that peace of mind you desperately need!

Warehouse Solutions
Hillcroft Industries offers simple, flexible storage agreements at competitive prices, utilizing state-of-the-art logistical software that enhances inventory accuracy and traceability for optimal performance.  The convenient customer portal provides quick access to critical product data to expedite decision-making and reduce lost time.

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