About Hillcroft Industries

On average, companies spend nearly $4,000 in recruitment costs for one position alone.  In addition, approximately 47% of job applicants simply are not qualified, according to some statistics.  As a result, companies struggle with staffing, productivity, quality, and even morale.  Fortunately, there is a solution to your staffing crisis!

Hillcroft Industries is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that has collaborated with local and international businesses for over 65 years.  By supplementing existing staff, Hillcroft helps your business absorb unpredictable fluctuations in production or staffing demands.  Moreover, with a quality management system certified by Indiana’s only ISO registrar, American Certification Group, the most quality-conscious customers trust Hillcroft as a partner for their assembly, packaging, collating, kitting, and inspection needs.

Hillcroft is not a staffing agency that adds to your labor costs and babysitting responsibilities.  Instead, Hillcroft is an outsourcing partner that successfully manages your project at a fixed piece-rate.  Consequently, you have a competent project manager you can trust at a price below temporary labor and without all the headaches.  Hillcroft does this by employing a stable, integrated workforce composed of capable workers who receive one-on-one, specialized training to perform to strict customer specifications.

Call today and let Hillcroft alleviate your staffing dilemma and deliver the peace of mind you so desperately need and deserve!