Michael Salmon, VP of Business Development

Michael is a graduate of Ball State University and Purdue University where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree with the highest distinction. He brings to Hillcroft Industries educational training and applied experience in manufacturing and quality, holding positions at global companies such as Subaru of Indiana Automotive, General Motors, and JCB, Inc. Michael lead the development and implementation of Hillcroft’s quality management system to transition Hillcroft Industries into an ISO 9001:2015 registered organization with North America’s largest registrar, SAI Global. Michael has integrated Lean principles and quality tools such as 5S, standardized work practices, PDCA, root-cause analysis, kaizen, KPIs, and others. The new quality management system has helped produce improvements in safety, quality, productivity, and costs while achieving outstanding customer satisfaction at competitive prices. Michael is helping to transition Hillcroft Industries into a more efficient, automated work center to provide additional opportunities for its employees and lower costs to its customers. Michael can be reached at (765) 587-5252 or email msalmon@hillcroft.org. msalmon@hillcroft.org.

Michael Whitlock, VP of Business Operations

Michael Whitlock is the VP of Business Operations. Michael has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Service Management and has worked at Hillcroft Services since January 2002. Working with individuals living with disabilities has become a passion of Michael’s during his tenure at Hillcroft Services.  Michael started as an Employment Consultant when first hired at Hillcroft Services and then to Service Coordinator of the Muncie Work Services program.  In his current role, Michael oversees Hillcroft Industries, Supported Employment, and Transportation.  He really enjoys being directly involved with clients in an effort to enrich lives. To inquire about Hillcroft Industries, Supported Employment, and/or Transportation, please call Michael at (765) 284-4166 or email at mwhitlock@hillcroft.org.